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22 01, 2014

Sportsman’s Paradise for Kids

You may already be familiar with the Louisiana motto, “Sportsman's Paradise”.  Well that applies to sportsmen of all ages.  Of course, the motto refers to sports that relate to our natural resources...such as fishing, boating, hunting, bird watching.  You may also think of athletes, as I [...]

16 01, 2014


In last weeks piece about "Kid Friendly New Orleans” it was suggested you keep an eye out for youth programs offered by the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.  The coming months have several opportunities to take advantage of New Orleans own world class orchestra. The LPO has three [...]

8 01, 2014


Now many of you may laugh or even guffaw when you read “Kid-Friendly New Orleans”, however, the headline is true! New Orleans is a kid-friendly town.  I've always said, “New Orleans is a small town disguised as a big city.”  That small town aspect makes it [...]