Our New Project

We (my husband Jim and I) were back at the closing table today as home buyers. We bought a flooded, gutted house in South Lakeview – ugliest house on the block, fortunately – that we intend to renovate into a state of beauty it has never before seen, while making a tidy profit.

That’s The Plan. Among other things, I’ll be blogging about the good, bad and ugly of this process. I’ll tell you how we found financing for this deal, fill you in on the contractor dramas that are bound to ensue (not to mention the marital ones) and the decisions and compromises we make along the way of our latest adventure as New Orleans house flippers. By the end, I’ll even show you the numbers. If you’ve been thinking about doing something like this yourself, maybe you’ll be persuaded to jump in, or perhaps we’ll reenforce your perception that the stock market is a great place to leave your money. In any case, check in from time to time to follow our progress as we count down 6 months to open house.

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