“Piano players rarely play together”

When you think about that statement, you get it.  It’s true. Guitar players play together, horn players too, but piano players rarely play together.  Stevenson Palfi knew that. In 1980 Palfi planned a concert with three of New Orleans great piano players, Professor Longhair (Fess), Tuts Washington and Allen Toussaint.  He recorded a video of… Read More


A bicycle is a wonderful way to see the world and particularly New Orleans.  Because the city is flat and not terribly large in square miles, you can get around the city easily on a bike PLUS you get too see much more than you see in a car.  You have more time to gaze… Read More

Road Trip down Historic San Bernardo Highway…

…which sounds much more glamorous than St. Bernard Highway.  But by either name, it is a scenic byway in St. Bernard Parish that’s worth the trip.  A mere 5 miles downriver from the French Quarter,  you may consider this a road less traveled.  However, da parish has been a vibrant and colorful extension of New Orleans… Read More


An event drawing us to the Lower Garden District and Coliseum Square neighborhoods is Nightscape: Exploring Natural Spaces, a unique photo installation by Frank Relle.  The event takes place on a narrow cobblestone street in the Lower Garden District, at the old Felicity Methodist Church on Felicity and Chestnut. As you know, I always like to… Read More

O.C.Haley. Oh You gotta see…

…the renaissance on Dryades Street, now named O.C. Haley Boulevard (OCH) after Louisiana civil rights, women’s rights and human rights activist Oretha Castle Haley.  A glimpse into this important historical figure’s life and achievements is inspiring and worth looking into, although I am not familiar with any books to refer you to. Anywho, there is plenty… Read More


Fall is finally here, despite the continued 80 plus degree weather.  We know it is fall because the art events are exploding out of galleries, studios, and garages.  Particularly in the Central Business District this weekend.  “WHAT?!?” You say.  Art in the CBD?  Yes indeed.  Art is exploding from all corners of the District, and… Read More


  This week’s Out and About adventures are geared toward the folk’s coming in town for Erica and Alex’s EXTRAVAGANZA! Since most of the guests will be staying in the Quarter, our outings will be downtown centric. For the early arrivals, join the throngs that are certain to turn out for New Orleans brightest young… Read More


  Writer / Geographer Richard Campanella started his new monthly column, CityScapes in the Times Picayune last weekend. It will cover all the many facets of New Orleans urban space: noise, floods, crime, faith, gentrification, zoning, and more. Contemporary and historical aspects as well. It got me thinking about all the many opportunities to get… Read More

N.O. Music History

Roots of New Orleans music run deep (and wide).  The late Ernie K-Doe, self-proclaimed Emperor of the Universe, declared “all music comes from New Orleans”.  A slight exaggeration, however, K-Doe was a bit of an exaggeration himself.  Nonetheless, most scholars agree that jazz, the only true American art form, did indeed come from New Orleans…. Read More

Hometown Tourist

              Sign up now for the French Quarter Business Association’s monthly summer drawing that includes hotel stays and gift certificates for dining, entertainment and more. This is the 5th year of the FQBA’s campaign “Get Away in the Vieux Carre” to promote the allure of the French Quarter to… Read More