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New Orleans’ Arts District, aka: The Warehouse District, provides a complete cultural travel experience…for locals and visitors alike.

There are always intriguing experiences that will entice one to get Out and About in the Warehouse District.  This weekend the activities don’t just entice but practically demand your presence. The Warehouse District, known today as the New Orleans Arts District, was originally established as an industrial area in the 19th century to store grain,… Read More

The United States Congress, in 1987, designated JAZZ “A rare and valuable national American treasure to which we should devote our attention, support and resources to make certain it is preserved, understood and promulgated.” (Concurrent Resolution 57)

How do I know this?  You wonder.  From a walking tour brochure put out by the New Orleans Jazz Commission.  I’m not certain if they still exist.  The work they did, that I’m familiar with, was through the Jazz National Historical Park.  Which does still exist (and thrives) as a fabulous resource for enjoying jazz:… Read More

Bye Bye Beouf Gras. Hello Louisiana Seafood!

As my body aches after all the marching this past week, I dream about spa treatments followed by a light and refreshing Louisiana Seafood dish. My favorite spa treatment, particularly after parade season, is the foot reflexology and pedicure from Ayana at Belladonna Spa on Magazine Street. Be certain to bring your walking sandals so… Read More

The greatest free show on earth takes place in the streets of New Orleans, let the parading begin…

It’s the final week of Mardi Gras and you can feel the energy building.  This morning, our toddler insisted on practicing his marching and drumming skills, with his band uniform cape and hat on.  Trust me, I am happy to encourage him in this endeavor, because Mommy likes marching/parading too. The number one thing to… Read More